Business operates in very dynamic environment, which in a way generates unused-usable chemicals, often referred as non-moving inventory. Your non-moving is what someone needs. It's time to convert Chemicals to Currency. Three major advantages to source Chemicals (Materials) from PharmaCupboard :

(1) Ready stock - no lead time,

(2) Discounted price - price lower than market price,

(3) Make you more cost competitive - use savings for growth.


About Us

We are the game-changer and creator of e-marketplace, where industries can purchase and sell usable materials. We were nominated for coveted 'India Pharma Awards 2017' as Digital Pharma Innovation by CPhI India in Nov 2017. Since mid of 2016, we faciliate the purchase and sell of excess, surplus, non-moving, slow-moving, trailing quantiies and even dead inventories, provided they are usable by others in legal and economical context. 

PharmaCupoard.com, t
he webportal is specifically created to provide technology-driven, easy and convenient solution to industries. To ensure that you interact with genuine, expert and experienced professionals, registration is mandatory for usage of the portal. It connects pharmaceutical, industrial chemical, plastics, polymer, cosmetics, rubber, ink, paint, cement, veterinary drugs, dyes, textiles, agrochemicals and all such industries. PharmCupboard does not buy, sell, own or store any materials; hence we bring more transparency.

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PharmaCupboard does not own, store, buy or sell any item. It does not allow sell or purchase  of expired APIs.

It is a facilitator (i.e. e-marketplace) as it provides the platform.

All applicable statutory requirements (drug license, GST, consumption compliance, manufacturing license, test license, transportation license, pollution control board rules and others) to be complied by concerned buyers and sellers only.

PharmaCupboard or its owners or employees are not responsible for it. 

Nominated for India Pharma Awards 2017 as 'Digital Pharma Innovation' by CPhI India (UBM) at Mumbai in Nov 2017.

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